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Carli Franks ’05 and Brant Roth ’04 have made it their priority to stay involved and closely connected with their alma mater. In fact, when they moved to Denver from Naperville two years ago, they realized they’d have to step up their efforts because campus events were no longer within walking distance of their former Fifth Avenue apartment.

“We knew we’d have to come up with creative ways to stay involved,” says Franks, who majored in organizational communication and served as president of the College Union Activities Board while a student.

The couple has become instrumental in organizing alumni club events in the Denver area, such as a happy hour social last year and an upcoming Brilliant Future event at their home planned for this fall. 

Franks has been serving as secretary of the Alumni Board for three years and will become president at the fall meeting. “I’m excited to find new ways to energize alumni engagement and continue the progress made by Lori (Nita ’02) Novak,” Franks says. “We’re always taking feedback about what alumni need, and we want to be of service to the College.”

Franks and Roth moved to Denver after spending several vacations in Colorado skiing and hiking—and deciding that the lifestyle was very appealing. Prior to moving, Franks had worked for the American Cancer Society, American Red Cross of Greater Chicago and SmithBucklin Corporation. In Denver, she is senior marketing strategist for Consolidated Investment Group—a firm funded by David Merage, the creator of microwavable Hot Pockets, which he sold to Nestlé.

Franks serves in a similar capacity for eight Merage family foundations. “It was the first time the family had hired a marketing strategist. They want the organizations they support to gain more notice.” 

Roth works as vice president for business development and chief marketing officer for The Sullivan Group, a firm devoted to reducing medical errors and improving patient safety. 

Thanks to their career successes, both committed to contributing financially at the Presidents Club level. “After relocating and getting established, it felt like the right time for us,” adds Franks. 

At North Central, Roth played football and baseball and shares Franks’ commitment to alumni engagement. “I’ve been in touch with (head baseball coach) Ed Mathey ’86,” says Roth. “He’s told me to keep an eye on area (high school) baseball teams, because there aren’t a lot of DIII opportunities in this area.” The commitment of Franks and Roth on so many levels embodies the goals for alumni engagement and club participation across the country.