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Science Centered on Students

As the essential cornerstone of the Brilliant Future Campaign, the extraordinary $60 million Science Center transforms and elevates the experience of every North Central student. Here students of all majors learn science by doing it—and prepare for success by living it.

In 1970, when Kroehler Science Center opened, science was taught much differently than today. Today we need far more lab space for independent student research, as well as flexible learning spaces where lectures and labs can meld seamlessly.

Plus, 45 years ago the College was one-third its present size. No wonder we’ve outgrown our facilities!

Education for an Interdisciplinary World

For the first time in the College's history, our biology, chemistry, computer science, neuroscience, mathematics, physics, psychology, exercise science and pre-health disciplines are housed under one roof. Centralizing the entire North Central science division in one large facility breaks down barriers that have traditionally isolated academic departments and inhibited the free exchange of ideas. By carefully positioning learning spaces near faculty offices and public gathering areas, ensures a constant and fluid exchange of ideas between students and faculty—among all disciplines.

Science on Display

Students of all majors routinely stop by the Science Center, thanks to thoughtful site selection and interior design. Whether they want to have a quick snack, meet other students for team projects, or just take a shortcut from the residence halls to the library, students see science demonstrated at every turn—through lab windows, in halls lined with displays and white boards, in the rain garden outside, and more. Offering students of all disciplines plenty of opportunities to appreciate “science on display” is one more way the building enriches the culture of the entire College community.

A Resource for All

Extending North Central’s academic core to Chicago Avenue, this new landmark’s contemporary, open design has elevated the campus’s profile in the immediate community and beyond.

In addition to serving the students of tomorrow, the Center is a resource for the area’s teachers, families and greater community. From businesses seeking the best-trained interns and employees to industries needing access to cutting-edge research, the facility will have a profound impact for generations to come.

Video Flythrough

"The Next Great American Scientists Will Not Graduate From Harvard"

The following article by North Central College President Emeritus Harold R. Wilde was originally published by Zocalo Public Square on June 16, 2015, was syndicated to numerous outlets and appeared on the website of Time magazine.

Science in Action

The Changing Face of Science Education

Legacy of Science

“At its most fundamental level, this has nothing to do with a student’s major, or what he or she wants to do after graduation. This is about living a full and free life. It’s about introducing scientific principles to every student of every major so they can make informed decisions. That’s critical to every profession, every family, every life.”

Paul Bloom, Ph.D.
associate professor of physics