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What to Support

As you consider a gift to support the Brilliant Future Campaign, there are many decisions to make — the various Ways to Give, and How to Give — but one of the most important questions is What to Support. In other words, what programs, services and missions are important to YOU and your family? Your passion for North Central College runs deep, either from your experience as a student, or through a parent, daughter, son or other relative — or as a Shimerian or a Naperville neighbor who believes in the North Central experience. There are many options when you consider a gift to the College, and we welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your goals and big dreams for North Central.

Greatest Need

The Brilliant Future Campaign is an opportunity for you to be a part of an exciting time in the College’s history. Your gifts to the North Central Fund support our greatest needs, including scholarship support, day-to-day operations and unanticipated situations that need immediate attention.

When you support the North Central Fund, you give the leadership of the college the flexibility of using our resources where they are needed most. When you look back at the history of North Central, little did we anticipate in 1861 that the technology needs in the 21st century would be so vast. Nor did the founders of the College dream that the number of faculty would grow to 150, and that we would have nearly 150 majors. Where will the College be in 50, 60 or 100 years from now? There will always be a greatest need at any school, but with resources available through, North Central is in a position to ensure the College runs smoothly, that our students are cared for, and that our faculty have the tools to provide the best education possible.

Undergraduate & Graduate Education

Through a series of engaging, inspiring and vigorous courses, our students embrace the ideology that they will make an impact within their chosen field. From beginning their studies at the undergraduate level, to earning advanced degrees, our graduates become leaders and influencers in their chosen fields, and are ready to enter or accelerate their careers at an advanced level.

North Central students are charged with one mantra: Exceed Your Personal Best. By providing outstanding courses taught by talented and inspirational faculty, the College offers a unique college experience for undergraduate students, and a challenging, career-accelerating curriculum for our graduate students. Your support of programs, scholarships, faculty support, travel opportunities, internships – the list goes on! – our students have every reason to Dream Bigger.

Shimer Great Books School

In 2017 President Hammond noted that acquiring Shimer College "adds a distinctive and differentiating academic offering to the North Central campus and provides a location where the Shimer model of education can flourish." The Shimer Great Books School continues the traditions of pursuing wisdom, finding guidance and gaining perspective.

Shimerians have supported its students for decades, and through the Brilliant Future Campaign, the Shimer Great Books School will flourish for generations. Through an outright gift or by remembering Shimer College in your estate plans, the conversations will continue. The Montaigne Scholarship, faculty support and honoring members of the Shimer community are wonderful options to consider for your philanthropy.

Endowed Scholarships, Chairs & Funds

Endowed Scholarships and Faculty Chairs rest at the heart of what we're all about: student success. Financial support makes it possible to welcome dedicated and inspired scholars to North Central College, regardless of their ability to pay. Currently, 98 percent of North Central students receive scholarships or grants from the College. Endowed chairs - also known as faculty chairs - are crucial to attracting and retaining these remarkable mentors. Generous alumni, friends and other benefactors of the College fund these chairs.

Generations of alumni have benefited from scholarships given by those who came before them. Currently, 98 percent of North Central students receive scholarships or grants from the College. A gift of $50,000 will endow a scholarship in your name, or honor someone dear to you, and it will last in perpetuity.

Our professors are among the most dedicated and talented teacher-scholars in the nation. Endowed chairs are crucial to attracting and retaining these remarkable mentors. As permanently funded titles, professorships support the teaching, research and service of outstanding faculty members by funding a portion of their compensation or their department's programming. For more information, on endowing a scholarship, chair or special program fund, please contact Adrian Aldrich '02, Executive Director of Development and Alumni Affairs at advancement@noctrl.edu


Our students are encouraged to challenge themselves every day, to impact tomorrow. Through 22 sports and 30 national championships, intramural sports, cheerleading, dance and band, North Central has a long history of inspiring students to exceed their personal best. By supporting every student athlete, every coach, and every program, you support countless of students who are team players, and champions.

The athletics program is successful due to alumni, parents and friends of the College. From supporting our outstanding facilities, to the needs of our teams' on an annual basis, the Cardinal Community understand the importance of team spirit, diversity, physical and mental health and role models. Pick your sport or activity and you will make a difference to Cardinal athletics.

Student Life, Centers & SO much more

Becoming an informed citizen leader is core to North Central's mission. We all remember experiencing a great deal of our college education outside of the classroom — from volunteering to tutoring, club activities and caring for others, Student Life grounds our students and inspires them to be their best. Through North Central's various Centers and Institutes, students have the opportunity to learn from noted faculty and experts on the importance of global learning, understanding financial decisions, and embracing their health, wellness and spiritual nature.

Our campus resources - Career Development; Center for Student Success; Ministry Services and the Office of Faith in Action; and Cardinal Operation Hope & Help — all provide our students with a grounded, more secure and informed sense of who they are. The Center for Financial Literacy help our students more fully understand and manage their personal finances. The Center for Social Impact helps students explore ways to solve complex social challenges and grow as a leader.


North Central is blessed with a beautiful campus that is home to world-class facilities, an athletic complex that hosts talented students, and residence and dining halls that provide everything in between. We're even a certified Arboretum! From the Dr. Myron Wentz Science Center, to Oesterle Library, residence halls and athletic facilities, classrooms, our Koten Chapel and several fine arts venues, we provide our students and the wider Cardinal community with an amazing array of spaces.

As the essential cornerstone of the Brilliant Future Campaign, the extraordinary $60 million Wentz Science Center is transforming and elevating the experience of every North Central student. Your support of the Science Center, our athletic facilities and our educational and performance classrooms and labs enables the College to continue to shine brilliantly.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions about how you wish to support the Brilliant Future Campaign, make a bequest to North Central College or to request any additional information that might be helpful to you and your family. If you have included a bequest for North Central College in your estate plan, please contact us to let us know. We would like to thank you and recognize you for your gift as part of the Brilliant Future Campaign and honor you as a member of the Cornerstone Society.

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