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A Brilliant Future

The Campaign for North Central College

We take great pride in our students and we strive to be the College you are proud to support. Donors like you are the driving force behind our students’ success and the financial health of the College. You are there to help celebrate our victories and stand behind us through challenging times. You encourage and uplift us with your generous support. You provide us the means so we can offer the very best liberal arts education. Your gifts have become increasingly crucial as the College continues to help students navigate the complexities of COVID-19.

Your continued and ongoing support of the North Central College Fund, North Central College Fund Scholarship and Cardinal Operation Hope and Help has a powerful impact on our most vulnerable students. 

Campus Ministry in the 21 Century   

In order to continue its commitment to the values and transforming power of the Chaplaincy and the Faith and Action Program has on the lives of our students, North Central College is creating an endowment for each component of ministry.

The Chaplaincy Endowment will provide for a Chaplain’s compensation and benefits.

The Faith and Action Endowment will provide funding for resources to support worship, various Bible studies and discussion groups, travel expense, honorariums for guest speakers, and other costs for delivering a broad range of ministry and faith experiences for North Central students and the campus community.

Alumni and friends are invited to show their support for these important components of student life by helping build the $3 million endowment, as part of the Brilliant Future campaign. The goal is to raise funds through gifts, pledges and planned gifts over the next three to five years.